fallout shelter gutschein code

attribute increases dweller efficiency in various rooms, during combat or when performing certain tasks. These additional points will not be visible on the dweller's special bars but can be checked by tapping/clicking the bars, which brings up a more comprehensive menu that lists any and all bonuses. Dwellers can improve their agility in the Athletics room. In quests or in the wasteland it determines how many shots they can fire before the enemy does or how much damage the dweller can avoid when fleeing from hopeless battles.

Water treatment and, water purification facilities) produce water. Luck determines if a production room also yields caps along with the normal room reward (or extra caps after a successful rush attempt). Endurance, edit, endurance increases the speed at which the. In the wasteland, it increases the chances of finding items when dwellers go out on quests and explore locations in the wasteland.

Fallout shelter gutschein code
fallout shelter gutschein code

Dwellers can improve their strength in the. During quest combat it increases the speed at which the critical hit meter fills. Agility determines the effectiveness of food production rooms ( Diner and Garden ). In the wasteland, it increases the caps found. Dwellers start with 105 health points. Dwellers can improve their intelligence in the Classroom. As with all other stats, a higher strength makes the dwellers take less damage in the wasteland. During quests, it determines the speed of the critical hit indicator; higher Perception decreases the speed the indicator moves, allowing the player to score the most powerful critical hits more easily. Endurance determines how many hit points gutschein selber basteln wok essen dwellers gain as they level.

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